11 Awesome Birthday Wishes

by sarah on November 14, 2011 · 0 comments

11.11.11 did not disappoint. Sure, I didn’t win the lottery (I had bought 11 tickets); but, I did have an awesome day. Here is my quick play-by-play.

Mike and my youngest sister, Tess, had coordinated so that I would have 11 wishes granted throughout the day. Mike had to get up early to drive up to Cleveland for work (he came back early afternoon) so my day started off with a big hug from Augie climbing in bed with me — nothing better.

Tess showed up at about 8:30 am to kick off my day of wishes:

#1 – A morning where I didn’t have to watch Augie. (Tess also delivered a Grande Mocha Light Frappacino and Reduced Fat Very Berry Coffee Cake from Starbucks – yum & my go-to favorites).

#2 – A massage.  (After the masseuse told me to relax three times — um, that is why I was there — I had a really lovely massage. I wish I had them more often.)

#3 – A pedicure. (My gnarley looking toes now scream a little less gnarley and a little more “You Don’t Know Jaques!” from O.P.I.  — Love.)

#4 – A manicure. (I bite my nails (admittedly gross…but true) It doesn’t matter because they too are now lovely!)

#5 – Lunch with my sister Annie. (We weren’t able to make it to the restaurant so she stopped over to the house so we could catch up.)

#6 – An afternoon with Mike. (Mike rolled in from Cleveland — yes… 2.5 hours up and 2.5 hours back and a meeting in the middle. I love him so much.)

#7 – Shopping. (Mike and I went walking around Easton so I popped into Forever XXI. This is when Mike turns to me to explain how it was probably time to consider the appropriateness of shopping at a place called “Forever 21″ if I was in fact “33”. Dagger stare put that discussion to rest. I bought two plaid shirts and a knit hat for winter — scandalous!)

#8 – A clean house. (Tess (God love her) cleaned my house so that I could come home to a clean house. I wish it was my birthday every day!)

#9 – Birthday time with Augie. (Augie and I plaid trains, cuddled, read books and laughed. It wouldn’t have been a great birthday without some good Mom-Augie time.)

#10 – Drinks with friends. (Mike coordinates for some of my friends to get together at a wine bar for appetizers and wine. Adult time to catch up (read: no play date) … it was lovely.)

#11 – A birthday wish. (I don’t share my birthday wishes… but it was a good one. And really my awesome day was the best birthday wish.)

The truth is I had a wonderful birthday. My husband is one fantastic guy — and I have an amazing family too. 11.11.11 was a pretty great day. And yes, I know how very very lucky I am.


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